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Our products are designed for the cycling enthusiast who appreciates quality and fit. Our most popular styles are Race, which is a slightly more relaxed fit and Sportivo, which is our form fitting kit for the avid cyclist.
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RACE is made to meet the needs of the team/rider who wants a complete package with both high quality and durability in a kit.

The snug-fitting Race collection is composed of elastic materials in specific locations, to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

The Race collection is a good alternative for those riders who want the quality of our SPORTIVO collection but want a little bit more of a loose fit.

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The Sportivo collection is Marcello Bergamo’s ultra slim competitive collection.

Developed in cooperation with professional riders – with the aim of creating the ultimate collection for competition at the highest level.

All Sportivo garments are produced in elastic materials, therefore ensuring an incredibly athletic fit. The Sportivo collection will satisfy the most demanding riders.

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Haven’t found what you’re looking for?

Not everything can fall into a simple category, that’s why we have the Specialty option – for those garments that are individual and unique.

Still looking for that special something? Feel free to contact us, there’s every chance we can provide it!

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